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   Thank you for visiting our web site designed as a show place for our exciting new invention, The Nikita Pump Bra.

   The Nikita Pump Bra is an inflatable under garment originally conceived as a light weight inflatable prosthetic for women who have under gone a breast mastectomy. Our organized study and focus groups have shown us the Nikita Pump Bra can also be used as an inexpensive alternative to surgical breast enhancement.

   The Nikita Pump Bra can also be used to add a little, or a lot more form to that form fitting outer garment. We have added photographs and animations of our prototype using dynamic publishing, and have explained our design innovation using automatic content displays. We have also provided a Photo and Video Gallery as well as a sitemap and several contact forms.

Please note that the product introduced here is not yet licensed for manufacture and is therefore not in production.

For those of you with questions, comments, and or licensing inquiries,
please click over to our Contact link page, provide us with your name, electronic mail address, question, comment, or inquiry, and we will respond at our earliest convenience. Thanks and we hope you enjoy this presentation.


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   The inspiration for the Nikita Pump Bra comes from its inventor, Nikita Albritton. Ms. Albritton got her inspiration for what became the Nikita Pump Bra, while attending a fund raiser for breast cancer research in Washington D.C.

   When she learned that according to the American Cancer Society, more than 200,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and learned of a recent study that revealed why, with all the less evasive treatment options available a high number of women with the disease still prefer to have the entire breast surgically removed instead of just the tumor.

   It's not always because doctors recommend it. Its more about survival, and stopping the recurrence of the cancer.

   The Nikita Pump Bra, was simply conceived to provide another after care option to aid these brave women; to perhaps be used as a pre operative measure while awaiting breast reconstructive surgery; or as a permanent light weight prosthetic for women who choose not to undergo breast reconstruction, but still would like to fit into their clothes without being encumbered by current technology which is often restrictive, heavy, and irritating; or just to avoid any embarrassment they may feel by the new change in there appearance after the breast cancer surgery. These, are the reasons for the Nikita Pump Bra.


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   The Form and Function for the Nikita Pump Bra are as follows. The Nikita Pump Bra is a patented inflatable design that fits inside the bra cups and connecting material, and is designed to inflate and expand out while remaining flat against the skin. The Nikita Pump Bra inflates and expands by pumping air into one or both breast cups using the patented Nikita pump, and deflates, by squeezing and holding the pump down. The Nikita pump is located between the bra cups, and looks like blue flowers in the photographs.

   The Nikita Pump Bra can be formed from many of the popular bra's that are currently being manufactured.
The inner fabric that rest against the skin should be made from hypo-allergenic natural fibers. The bra should not contain wire or any material that could be irritating or heavy.

This concludes our presentation.

Thanks again for visiting our website. If we can be of further assistance please visit our contact link page.

Let the Nikita Pump Bra enhance or restore your natural look..


Latest Comments

Great website!!!!!!
this is great
When can i get this!!!
I was so thrilled to find this site. I regret that they are not sale yet but hope they will be soon. You have no idea how this can change my life and how I feel about myself after having a partial masectomy. Please do what you can to speed this along. I will contact many groups dealing with this ma...
Years ago I wore these special made bras that were lined with cotton which provided a place for the (some sort of soft rubber/or plastic inserts that you filled with a little tube that you inserted and blew up and when the tube was removed the inserted inflatable insert was sealed hermetically. The...
Introducing the "Nikita Pump Bra" from Nikita Albritton with love...
"Sometimes the only way to win is not to play" - Don Crockett
Tuesday, 07 April 2020
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